Autumn Studio Updates


I hope you're enjoying the changing of the seasons as much as I am!  The leaves this fall have been particularly beautiful here on the east coast, and I have to say I'll miss their vibrant colors as they flutter down from their autumnal perch.   I've been cherishing every hour spent outside lately, observing nature in an attempt  to absorb its beauty, so that when I go into the studio, I'm full of inspiration and ready to create.  Below, I've included a few snapshots of and notes about my creative process and some of the pieces I've been working on lately.
    After warming up with a few gestural sketches, (kind of like stretching before you go for a run) I prep the pieces, getting them ready for their paint job.  Sometimes, I will work on several pieces simultaneously, this allows me to create a series of work that has a common visual thread. Working on a small batch of pieces also allows me to improve throughout the process!  Quite often the last piece I create is the best of the bunch!
More often than not, the landscapes that I paint are conjured, and don't necessarily depict anywhere specific.  Generally, I don't paint from photographs- I just start painting and little scenes start to appear organically!
I started this new series of  painted pieces, not really knowing how much fun it was going to be!  While I especially enjoy the process of creating and painting them, the real fun comes from figuring out which places these little landscapes resemble!  Acadia National Park, the Promenade of Versailles, my summer camp... these are just a few of the places that folks have mentioned when describing what they see in my pieces!

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