Yummy & Company Vintage is Live!!!

If you've been to any of my shows the past few years, then you know that I have a penchant for all things vintage and antique!   I've been including many pieces with my clay work and have found the combination to be both interesting and fun!  While I love finding old pieces with many stones or parts  missing, I also come across many amazing pieces in my hunt, that I have a hard time leaving behind.  This in turn has led to me opening up another shop!  I'm really excited to announce... Yummy & Company Vintage!!! 
To get to the site, click this link, or paste this address into your browser  www.yummyandcovintage.etsy.com 
I just started listing some items and will be adding more as time allows.  I hope you enjoy looking through the collection, as much as I enjoy finding the pieces that make it up!   Please let me know if you see anything you like, I can always reserve it for you!   I try to take care and represent each piece as accurately as possible, and my descriptions, are based on my own compiled knowledge and observations.   If you feel I've mis- identified something, please let me know!  Even the definitions of "vintage" and "antique" are up for debate, so bare with me as I travel this new/old path!!!

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