Rebel Creative Impulses

Every once in a while it's good to mix things up.  It helps keep the creative juices flowing and simply put, keeps things fun!  As most of you know, I'm obsessed with jewelry.  A majority of my time is spent thinking about it, designing it and making it! But sometimes, I fantasize about making other product lines... linens, textiles, housewares, sculpture... the list goes on!  Alas, there is only so much time in the day, so often, I have to reign in these impulses.   That being said, once in a while, I squeak in the time to make a few little rebel objects! I've made planters in the past, but none quite so bulbulous!  I love the simplicity and the mixture of the black and the lush greenery!
I've combined clay with these fun little air plants.  They're pretty easy to take care of, just spritz them twice a week and they're happy!
I've found that letting these ideas come to fruition, isn't a waste of time, it's a way of exercising different creative muscles and infusing some fun into the day!

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