Bust Wrap-Up

Had a great time at BUST this year!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by!  I made some great new friends and got some really cool new goodies!  I traded with Rebecca Ann Rakstad of Rarrar Press and got these fun letterpress postcards, of course, I got the one below for me :o) and 
this one for my bro in Costa Rica.   (except the hearts are in Baltimore and CR!)
 I also got to trade with Shara from Shara Porter Designs! It was so hard to choose since I love all of her designs.  (I ended up getting the ladder purse below...)

Here are a few of her other pieces.  FYI she's based out of Massachusetts and was super fun to be neighbors with at the show!!!

All in all it was an easy trip, except after the show the traffic was so gnarly that I had to jump out of my cab and hoof it 20+ blocks so I would make my train home!  It was funny, cuz I was sitting in the cab thinking, I could get there faster on foot.  After sitting there for 20 minutes, not going anywhere, and having this internal debate going on, I told the driver I was getting out.  He kept apologizing for the traffic, like it was his fault! It was kinda sweet!  Anyway, I made it there in time and got home safe and sound. :o)

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