If you've ever been on Etsy.com, you know that it is the place to buy all things handmade.
As a maker, it is always a great feat to get your work on the front page.  Well, I'm thrilled to announce... one on my cuff link sets  not only got on the front page... it is currently being used as a "Father's Day- Gift Ideas" promo at the top of the page!!! If you don't see it at first... just refresh the page a couple of times and it'll pop up! 
It's certainly a great achievement for me! I kinda cringe sometimes when I look back at my portfolio of work  and see what I once thought were great shots!!!  I have been working very hard on taking better photos of my work and if you've followed my blog, I'm sure you've seen the development and transition of my photography. I guess getting back to the basics and bare bones is the best way to go...!


Sharon said...

what a great boost being on the front page...I've only just started on etsy but I've been on the home page on other sites which made my day :)

Copper Diem said...

Congrats! Those are very cool cuff links!