Do you ever make something, have an idea in your head as to what it is, and then have someone say that it looks like something else completely?!  I have been having a lot of these kinds of experiences lately!  At one of my most recent shows, I had a customer refer to my tiger necklace, and in my head I'm thinking, "tiger necklace?" She went ahead and picked up a piece that I had designed with wood grain in mind...
Next up, my husband called me to let me know that he had finally figured out what I call my pebble jewelry reminds him of... Oolite.  
I'm like... okay, what in the world is oolite?
Oolite is a geological term for... well, I'll let you read it !  
I thought that was pretty cool (he is a geology major, so of course he likes to be specific about what kind of pebble it looks like!)  I, of course, was tickled by the word oolite!
So, I guess it goes to show.... you never know how things you make are going to be interpreted!
Side note....after googling oolite, I found that oolite reminds me of rice crispy treats... mmm!


the rikrak studio said...

these are totally gorgeous, nicey! wonderful stuff!

Copper Diem said...

Thank you - your post was my random educational moment for today :) Ooooooolite! So fun to say!