More Mama Shout Outs!

This mama shout out goes to the lovely lady that made my husband!  My mother in law Carol!  I'm not sure how, but I lucked out something fierce when it comes to inlaws!  Carol, from day one, has treated me like one of her own children and one of her dearest friends. 

Carol and friends
She has a wonderful sense of humor (she is very easy to make laugh) loves to sing, has amazing taste in music, (most of my new favorite artists are from her recommendations).  Our next concert together is Imogen Heap in DC! 
with her gorgeous granddaughters!
She is inspired by everything around her and has a great appreciation for the arts.  She is one of my biggest supporters, showing up to my shows, and always oohing and ahhing over new designs.  She instilled this enthusiasm in her kids and grandkids and it shows in the way they experience life around them.  Her son Paul, will text me pictures of flowers and pretty things he sees during the day.
My mom and Carol at Longwood Gardens
Did I mention that she's also a fantastic cook?   The whole family can really throw down in the kitchen!  Anyway, I feel so happy and blessed that I married into this amazing family! Happy Mother's Day Carol!!!

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carolqn65 said...

I never saw this until today.....I hope you know how much I love you.......:)))))