I always said...

....I should have gone to business school instead of getting a BFA.  I knew I was going to be an artist since I was in the third grade. Most of my curricular activities that weren't sports related, were art related.  Once I got to college, I focused on my art classes and started to develop as an artist.  Although was nice to learn some new techniques, and have a large studio and a community to hangout and collaborate with,  there were some definite down sides.  One being, no one seriously discussed how to make a living you graduated!  There were no classes that taught you how to  keep books, how to set up a business, NOTHING relating to making your career as an artist monetarily successful.  So, like many others I got a teaching certificate as a "back up plan."   All of this brings me to the point... any sort of Business 101 courses would have been a huge help!  Looks like the folks at MICA are trying to do something to help artists figure out how to get along in the world after graduating... Check out this article on MICA's new graduate degree.   It certainly would have been nice to have had this when I was in school!

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