hi folks! guess what...
i'm having an insta sale!!!  
what does that mean?
basically it means i'm having a HUGE sale on instagram!
the first sale will feature some of my cast silver pieces at crazily discounted prices!
in other words, if you've had your eye on something, this will be the time to get it!!! 

how can you participate..

  • sign  up for instagram
  • follow me @yummyandcompany
  • leave your email and zipcode in the comments below the photo of the item you'd like to purchase.
  • i send you an invoice that lets you determine how you'll pay (credit card or paypal) 
  • super easy, right?!!!
what's instagram?
simple explanation...  instagram is an app, (it can be downloaded on most smart phones and tablets) where folks share photos!  i use it way more than facebook, and consider it my watercooler! since i work alone, i love checking in on my network of maker friends and seeing what they are up to in their studios.  it's also a fun way to connect with my customers and friends and find out what awesome things are happening all over the world!!!
hope to see you there soon!

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