A Big Thanks!

What a great day we had at NPR's All Crafts Considered! 

We were so excited to take part in their show, and were shocked at how many people showed up! We spied some of our favorite reporters, met some really interesting and sweet folks, and really enjoyed ourselves!
Like most artists, and other work form home/studio types, NPR is a constant studio mate.  But not the distracting,  always borrowing your tools, bothersome type.  The discussions and conversations provided by their broadcasts are a great source of company and connection, in what is normally a solitary and quiet place.
So thanks, NPR, for hosting us and for making us feel so included and special yesterday!  And hopefully you enjoyed our company for a change!
p.s.Later this evening I'll be posting the winner of this awesome vintage broadcaster's charm.  
Thanks to all who followed me on instagram,  shared this little guy, and signed up for my newsletter throughout the day!  Good luck!

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