While I really do cherish every chance I get to share and sell my work, some days I really get reminded of why I'm so lucky to do what I do.  I've been working on my creative business since 2008.  It's been an immensely interesting ride, I've experienced lots of highs and lows, growing pains, a few awkward stages, and have been a part of many amazing ideas and events.  Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the longevity of my business, and where it may take me in the future,  which leads me back to why I'm feeling so lucky... yesterday, I was touched when a local non profit called  Parks and People contacted me to see my work.  One of their directors, who has been there for 20 years, is getting ready to embark on a new chapter in her life, and they wanted to gift her with a locally made piece of jewelry to honor and commemorate her service and time spent here in Baltimore at their organization.

Parks & People Foundation is dedicated to supporting a wide range of recreational and educational opportunities; creating and sustaining beautiful and lively parks; and promoting a healthy natural environment for Baltimore.

Living in the city, I relish anytime spent outdoors, amongst nature, and am grateful that there are folks out there who are doing good work like this!   The ladies I met with took great care in picking out a piece, and were so thoughtful in selecting what they knew would best suit the occasion and their coworker and friend's taste.  I'm so pleased and honored to be a part of such a wonderful celebration of dedication and devotion.  I hope to experience more days like these, they certainly are a blessing, and maybe someday, I'll even experience my own 20th work anniversary!

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Alex Kraus, Parks & People Foundation said...

Jennifer -- It was so lovely meeting you. You shared such nice words. Thank you for being so accommodating and meeting us on such short notice! Jackie, Parks & People's fearless leader for over 20 years loves her ring. It is a perfect keepsake for her to remember her time at Parks & People. Every time she wears it, she'll remember how many lives she's touched through her work at Parks & People. Best of luck and we hope to cross paths again soon!