Crafty Bastards Post Show Happy Haze!

 Wow!  Just wanted to issue a huge THANKS to all of you kind folks who showed up and shopped the heck out of Crafty Bastards last weekend!   We left exhausted, but truly thrilled by the local show of support and enthusiasm for buying handmade goods!
If you stopped by, you probably met my hubby Paul! He usually helps me set up and takes off,but luckily I sweet talked him into staying and helping out!  He was a natural!  After getting the hang of it, he really helped keep things running smoothly once the show got busy!   Needless to say,afterwards, I took him out to a nice dinner as a thank you!
Anyway,  we hope everyone had a fantastic time and is enjoying their new goodies.

p.s.   Almost all of the custom made orders will go out by the end of this week!

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