Artscape Follow Up!

 Well, Artscape definitely lived up to the hype this year!  The event was full of art, craft, music fun, excitement and tons of drama!
Most of the drama was caused by the crazy weather, which if you were in the area, you know was insanely hot!  I ended up administering some first aid to a customer who was experiencing heat stroke.  But, if you've experienced Artscape before, you probably know that this is no surprise.  It's held on the HOTTEST weekend of the year!  But we survived and feel pretty good about that! 
Thanks to all of you who stopped by!  If you came by on Friday or Saturday, you may have gotten to meet my lovely assistant, Eve, who was so helpful and fun to have in the booth!  Sunday, my amazing mother-in-law, Carol, came by and helped out.  I was so lucky to have the support and help of my hubby too.   The weather got dangerous Friday AND Saturday night, and he was brave enough to come down and rescue me from the Saturday evening stormageddon we experienced!  Luckily nothing was damaged beyond repair and we all got home safe!
 Eve trying on GoogleGlasses

But, I seriously can't complain too much!  I did sign up for it!!!  I enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing all the wackiness that Artscape produces!  We sold lots of jewelry and hope everyone is enjoying their new pieces, we can't thank you enough for braving the elements and the crowds to support the arts in our city!!!
Artscape nearly cleaned me out!  Here's a shot of the few pieces I have left!

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