One of the fun things about my job is that I get to meet other small business owners.  
Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting Jinji of Pure Chocolate by Jinji!
Besides being a delightful person, she makes amazing chocolate!

Here's a little introduction to her goodies, in her own words...
Pure Chocolate by Jinji exists to introduce the concept of beauty, from the inside out by way of raw, unrefined, organic chocolates, each infused with unique ingredients which are scientifically proven to promote glowing skin, shiny hair, anti-aging and vitality.
Because our chocolate is not damaged by high heat, it retains all its healing properties and natural antioxidant levels going far above and beyond those found in red wine, green tea, and other fruits and vegetables.  Chocolate has long been renowned as ‘the food of the gods’ for its ability to enhance mood, maintain beautiful hair, skin and nails, along with a myriad of other amazing benefits.

Cool right?!!

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