Thanking Goodness and the Company You Keep

This time of the year is crazy busy for us here at Yummy & Company.  There are a bunch of holiday shows on the horizon, many wholesale orders to make and custom orders to ship.  That being said, I always seem to stop right around this time of the year and just ponder- how in the world did I get so lucky?!  I love what I do and am so fortunate to have such wonderful people around me, supporting me and helping to make Yummy & Company a little dream come true!  I'm pretty sure a lot of that luck comes from being surrounded by what I call the  "& Company" part of Yummy & Company.    I've always thought of  "& Company" in terms of "the company you keep" rather than the corporate business-y definition of the word company.

So, I thought it would be fun to spotlight and thank some of the dear folks that keep keep this endeavor enjoyable and possible!

First up... the hubs!

  I'm sure this will embarrass the heck out of him, but he really is the best!  I couldn't ask for more or stronger support.  I can't even begin to list all of the things he does on a daily basis.
He builds my display, hauls my displays, sets me up at shows, breaks things down at shows, keeps me company at shows, makes me laugh, helps with production, critiques and cares about my work, gives me high fives when I'm excited about some new opportunity, listens to all my craft stories (bless his heart!) and really goes above and beyond again and again.  
We joke and have decided his new name is BOB (which stands for beast of burden)  But frankly,  I couldn't do this without him. I'm so grateful for everything he does. 
So, as always, thanks, my love!

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