Made in the USA...Sweet!

I'm getting ready to send a shipment of goods down to the National Archives in DC. (Yes, you read that correctly!)  And I thought I'd share my newest packaging with you.  Recently, many of the nations best museums were called to task for not carrying merchandise in their gift shops that was made in the United States.  Well, many of those institutions took action and stopped by the Buyer's Market of American Craft this year to shop and see what American artists have to offer!  So when traveling this year to our nation's capitol, turn over your souvenirs and gift shop finds and see where they were made!  I'm just thrilled to say that my work can now be purchased at the National Archives gift shop and as you can see, I've proudly displayed their place of origin!

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Kolleen Kilduff said...

Yeah! The items look great. Now if Anthopology would come knocking. I totally see that grey necklace in the store.