I had an amazing time in Atlanta this weekend at the ICE show!    I flew down on Saturday, and since my flight had gotten cancelled the night before, I ended up making it to the show just in the nick of time!  Luckily, I burned through my set up and was ready for business with only minutes to spare!
My neighbors this time were from Atlanta  Sarahlou Designs.  They make the most adorable clothing, repurpose-ing vintage items with their own designs, appliques and funk!  Every time someone tried on their clothes, they looked so cute,  I wanted them to buy them!  I ended up with a ridiculously cute dress that I just can't wait to wear!  I need to have it taken in a bit, so if you know of any good seamstresses, let me know!
I also picked up a really cute, teeny tiny hat from Kathleen of Black Gardenia Designs  It's not the one pictured below, but be sure, you will see it in photos of  me to come!
I met Kathleen at the show last year and she was sweet enough to cart me around town while I was there! After the show we ended up hanging out for a bit at my hotel, The Artmore. (which was AWESOME, by the way)   and had dinner a really great little pizza place within walking distance. 
 Another fun thing happened!  One of my oldest and dearest friends stopped by with her husband and two little girls in tow!  I've known Amy since we were her daughters age and was thrilled to see them at the show this weekend!
So all in all it was a great trip, my only regret is that I didn't know that Mumford and Sons were playing in ATL on Sunday,  I figured this out on the plane on the way home!  Had I known I would surely have stayed another night!!!

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