A lot of time was spent this month, getting my display ready for the market.  I decided to make a bunch of "enlarged pendants" to hang up behind my jewelry and as fun display pieces.

It ended up being a great eye catcher and drew lots of folks to my booth! I thought it might be fun to share a few process pics of me and my honey working in the shop, getting all the "super-sized" pendants ready!
Here I am, using a bunch of off-cuts from some of my hubby's projects. In this pic I am taking templates and tracing them onto the wood.
Here Paul is, cutting out the shapes using a band saw. Elliedog aka Smelly Ellie is supervising and waiting for lunch break.
He's so precise!
 Next Paul used a belt sander to finish shaping them. 
Next we drilled holes in the back for easy hanging and I finished sanding them till they were smooth and ready for their first coat of paint.
Here they are ready for paint!
But first, we decided to take a break and get some fresh air, so we went out back to chill and take in the scenery...
railroad tracks and warehouses.
  Paul also showed me where he is planning to put some exterior signage for his business.
Back inside, we put a couple of coats of paint on the plaques and left them to dry. 
Once they dried, I took them back home and got to work!

I love the way the display turned out!  
*These plaques are all one of a kind and can be purchased online or at Art and Artisans Gallery in Ellicott City!

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