Happy New Year!

Like most people, I like to start off the New Year with a resolution.  After years of the usual resolutions (self improvement... blah blah blah)  I finally came up with a resolutuion that I can stick to and I have decided to have the same resolution forever more...   
"To have more fun than last year!"
This year I can definitely say I held true to this resolution!
Proof below...
 I'm stuck in a tree!!!
Christmas threw up on us!
Getting groped by a bear!
 Cheesing it up!
Relaxing with my bro!

My other resolution is to do things that I'm afraid of or uncertain about.   Sometimes this involves getting rejected, hurt and ego-smacked.  But, funnily enough, it can also result in exciting adventures and new experiences, that, had I not stuck my neck out, I probably would have missed.
So cheers! Here's to 2011... 
Wishing you and yours lots and lots of joy and just a little uncertainty in 2011!

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