Buyer's Market update....

So the Buyer's Market was a pretty amazing experience.  The market offers craftsmen the opportunity to show new work to buyers from all over the country.  There were folks from all over the country, looking to fill their shops with handmade goodies.  I decided to take a break from working today, to give my hands, wrists and body a rest, and take some time to digest all of the experiences I had this past week. 
I met some really great artists from all over the country (and Canada) and had a blast hanging out with them.  Everyone was so enthusiastic, driven, and fun.  I learned so much, and got some great advice and critiques, which were much needed.  It's always great to get the opinions and thought of others, to give you a perspective on things!  I loved looking at all of the displays and seeing how everyone "conducts their business"!  I had a great response to my new line (seen above) and am excited to start filling all of the orders I took this week!

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