Papa Shout out...

So it's Father's Day, therefore, I must give a huge shout out to my dad!  As far as dads go, somehow I really lucked out and got THE best of the bunch. 
Have you ever met someone who just makes you feel secure?  Like you can always count on them?  This is how I feel around my dad.  Like everything is gonna be okay.  It's nice.  He has a silly side as well and, if you know me, then you know it's a trait I adore.  He loves a good joke, and is always up for doing something goofy... like planting flowers in a tree.
He gets pleasure from the simplest of things, has an easygoing good natured personality, and the ability to make almost anyone smile, even strangers, with a small comment or gesture.  He's kind and thoughtful, beyond words, in a joyful way.  Obviously, I 'm completely biased, but I have to say he is, as my mom would say "one of Gods great gifts".

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