Art Star Wrap Up...

Art Star was incredible!  
The weather, the food, the music, the crowd, were all fantastic!  It was even better than I imagined it would be!  If you missed it this year, be SURE to mark your calendar next time it comes around! People were lined up at the gates just to get in!  Luckily, the way they had everything laid out along Penn's Landing made it comfortable for everyone to shop with out feeling crowded.  And shop they did!  The customers who stopped by were so excited to be there and seemed to really be enjoying the whole affair!  Sales, by the way, were off the charts!  Philly really got their Yummy on!!! Woot! Unfortunately, that left me with little time to shop!  I only had a few minutes to browse, but still managed to pick up some really great gifts! 
I will be back up in Philly again soon, on June 12-13, at Piazza st Schmidt's so stop by and see me if you didn't get a chance to last weekend!

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