Mama Shout Outs...

I thought it would be fun to do a little mama shout out since it's getting closer to Mother's Day.  I think we all know that mom's deserve more than just one day of celebration, so I decided I'd go ahead and highlight cool mom's all week!
So here's a little tribute to my mom.  She really is one of a kind.  I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite photos of her.  She had recently broken her leg in a golf carting accident, which I was witness to. Somehow, she literally flew out of the cart and smashed her knee to bits, hence the cast.  (This was one of those stories that went into family stories syndication... Remember when mom flew out of the golf cart?!)  Anyway, I love that despite the cast she decided to rock the cute high waisted shorts and halter top, and we can't ignore the sassy Princess Leia doo.
She always seemed to enjoy mothering and allowed us to really enjoy the fun of being a kid.  We were probably what some people would now call "free range" kids.  We could go wherever we wanted, as long as we made it home by 5 for dinner. 
If you know my mom, you also know that she loves to dance.   Although my father is not what you'd call a natural dancer, he has always been more than happy to escort her onto the floor so she can spin whirl and shimmy around him... it really is the cutest thing ever.  Sometimes he will even ask her to dance after we eat dinner.  I caught this photo the last time we ate out on the porch when they snuck inside for a secret dance.
I also love this photo above. Mom loves nothing more than when we are all at home, spending time with each other.  With my brother and his family being in Costa Rica, it's rare for all of us to be in one place nowadays, so times like this are special.  Hope you enjoyed this little tribute to my momma!  Click here  to see other posts featuring her.


The Commins Family said...

Smiled so hard I got misty reading about your sweet mama. Most of us were raised by our loving moms in their practical jeans, sensible footwear, and that special "just curl under and go" helmet hair. And we were all loved and wonderfully raised...but we all secretly wanted to be Mrs. W's daughter, if only for a day! I knew then that she was the definition of cool. She said hell no to that minivan. She TALKED to us like real people. She snuck
"real" kisses with your dad after dinner and even though we pretended to gag, we all hoped to marry someone and have all of that when we had 20 years of marriage under our belt. So here is to your sweet Mama! Please give her a big hug from me!

Yummy and Company said...

now you're making me cry!
i will definitely give her a hug for you!

amanda said...

Jen, I ADORE this post! So much! What a sweet tribute to your awesome mama! I love that your lovely friend commented too & gave her thoughts, loved reading them. Thank you for sharing this on KOM, means so much.



Yummy & Company said...

Amanda, It was my pleasure! I have so much admiration for what you do as well!

Folks, if you haven't already, stop by Amanda's amazing site, Kind Over Matter http://www.kindovermatter.com/