Craft Hope

As an artist, I have often been asked to donate my work to be auctioned off,  usually in an effort to raise money for different charities.  Like most people, I don't have a lot of disposable income to donate myself, so I am always more than happy to oblige! 

This past week has been particularly inspiring and has shown me that when a bunch of small ideas and effort get together, big things can happen!  Craft Hope is really doing a fantastic job of raising money for Haitian relief efforts. They are quickly approaching the $10,000 mark!  I donated this pair of earrings to their efforts...there are many other artists who have donated items as well- please stop by and see if there is anything you might need...  Are you looking for a gift?  By buying from this shop, not only will you be getting a great handmade gift, you will be helping save lives!!!  It's really a brilliant idea!  Please help if you can! I also still have an item in the relief efforts going on at Indiefixx, till midnight, so stop by there too!

UPDATE... This item has already sold, but there are still plenty of wonderful items available on the Craft Hope site. Over $20,000 raised as of Jan 20th!

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lynne said...

Just donated something too from the Vintage and Ephemera selections at www.simplyprettystuff.com
Every little bit helps on the journey to extraordinary!! Thanks Jen and big thanks to Jade and her tireless organizing efforts for giving us all a vehicle to help out Haiti!!