Thank you so much for stopping by my booths this past weekend!
What a whirlwind it was!  My wonderful sister in law Susie  and her energizer bunny friend Candi oversaw and ran my booth in Pittsburgh on Saturday... and rocked it big time!!!  If you met them on Saturday, you probably got a little taste of how lucky I am to have such great in laws!!!  It was their first show ever and I really threw them into the fire!!!  I kept getting texts...  "we ran out of copper!...we ran out of red!"  If you came by late and missed all of the copper and red pieces, be sure to check back on my site as I begin updating the site with more stock this week!
While they were taking care of Handmade Arcade, I was at Squidfire in Canton.  The customers that came by were great and I had a fun time with all my BESTties!  The venue was gigantic and the fellas at Squidfire did a fantastic job of promoting and putting on the event as usual! Right now I am finishing up all of my custom orders and popping them in the mail and dropping off those that are close by!

Hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season! I can't thank you enough for your business, support and kind words!!!

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