To do...

I love making lists.
I know it's weird, but I do. When I was going off to college my dad sent me an article by the fella, Robert Fulghum, who wrote "All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten." It was about writing things/goals down on paper, and how you are 80% percent more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down. Sounds like good advice, right?!

Well, later on, I had a to do list on my computer desktop going... a computerized sticky note containing all of my to do's... so high tech and fancy!

Man what a mistake! I just kept adding more and more to it, nothing was ever checked off...just deleted. I missed my check marks! I was feeling like I wasn't accomplishing much, feeling down on myself, lazy even...but felt like I was working nonstop. I was growing anxious and was so upset one day, that I called my dad and asked him...

"Dad, do you ever feel like you have enough time to do all you need to do?"

He said, "Jen, I feel like I'm shoveling the Sahara with a spoon."

I don't know why, but this really hit me.... so I asked him another question....

"Dad, do you ever feel lazy?" His answer, "Yes, I do... "

This really blew me away... I've always considered my dad to be a workaholic, someone who went above and beyond, never in my wildest thoughts have I ever thought of him as being lazy! So, on this day, after having this conversation with my dad, I decided that our way of life is screwed up! If my dad felt lazy, then there's something wrong with how we go about life. I was so focused on what I wasn't doing, that I didn't stop long to celebrate what I WAS doing! So, I immediately deleted my list on the computer. You can't believe how much better and lighter I felt! Overwhelming pressure...gone, just like that!

Now, you might ask... do I still make lists?

Yes, constantly!
I just do it on paper, combining them with sketches, ideas and designs, they're much more fun and inspiring to look at and being able to cross a few things off always feels good. Do I cross off every task? No.

The article said... you are 80% more likely to do the things you write down....
so, instead of beating myself up for not nailing down that 20%, I focus on celebrating the 80% that I do accomplish!!!

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