Farmers' Market

Image from www.ablrightfarms.net

Had a really nice time at the downtown farmer's market this morning with my honey...got to meet lots of vendors and picked up some veggies, breads,eggs and more plants for the vegetable garden.

One vendor I came upon was Albright Farms, the young man running the booth mentioned that they have a website so I figured I'd visit it. To give you a gist of their philosophy, here is a quote from the site...

" At Albright Farms, we believe in farming responsibly. We live on the land we farm, and eat what we grow. We want to grow a quality product while we take care of the land where it is grown. We want to see the land in better condition when we leave than when we came, preserving it for the next generation."

So, three cheers for the folks at Albright!!!

I will definitely be buying from them next week!

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