Fun with copper!

I have always had a tendency to hoard things that I think I can use someday. It's a trait I inherited from my father, which he developed from growing up on a farm in West Virginia. Finding ways of reusing things that most people would normally trash without a second thought, has become a favorite pastime! Currently I have been using copper scraps from deconstructed houses to make jewelry and housewares.

I typically get the copper from my husband , who is a restoration carpenter. The copper comes from old historic buildings, farms, and houses that are in disrepair. This particular piece was from the roof!

After coming up with a design or concept, I start cutting , sanding, etching and forging the piece until I think it's finished!

This eventually became a pendant that I gave to my sis in law!

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Anonymous said...

Really cool. I too hoard things with the hopes of using them in some way! Thanks for sharing. -molly