Who's in Your Micro-Economy? #1

In today's economy, we are constantly hearing about large corporations and their financial woes...poor babies...right?! It seems to me that if more money were spent on product development, instead of executive payoffs, they might not be having some of these issues!

Well, in reaction to this, many people are deciding to spend their hard earned dollars locally. (Three cheers!)

As a maker of things, I enjoy buying goods straight from the source. I love meeting the people and hearing the stories behind the products. It's also a great way to create community in this day and age.

That's why I decided to actively promote and develop my Micro-Economy!
Sharing who I buy from locally... with anyone who will listen!

Starting with.....

Spa Therapy Works

Jusarra Hurley of Spa Therapy Works makes the most luxurious bath and body products...

In Jusrarra's words...
"I'm dedicated to creating the finest artisan pampering products to maintain healthy and beautiful skin using only natural skin-loving, detergents-free ingredients with decadent scents and no harsh chemicals.
Spa Therapy Works artisanal soaps are made in small batches with vegetable oils specially selected for their skin nourishing qualities. They are blended to provide a pure, rich and emollient soap. We test all products on friends, family and ourselves. Never test on animals! :o)"

One whiff of Jusarra's goods will make you a life long client! Stop by her site for special announcements, sales and newest products!


Karen said...

Now that it's warm and there's more skin showing, time to get it in shape....I need to get some new stuff! Yay, local---I can't wait for the Balt. Farmer's Market to really get going.

Yummy and Company said...

her stuff smells so delicious!